Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Halloween Story

Hi everyone!
When my mommy was at school her teacher wanted everyone to write a Halloween story.
My mommy did one and she wanted to share it with everyone.
And the main people are me,Snowy and Crystal.
Here's the story!

One Crisp cool Halloween night.
Everyone was putting on cotumes and turning on jack-o-lanterns.
People think that Halloween is just for humans only.
But it's not!
Halloween is for cats and dogs too.
Well how it works is.........
when every human is fast asleep,
by 10:00 to 10:30 P.M. we go trick or treating.
But will this be my friends and I are last Halloween?
I was putting on my black vampire outfit.
when I was putting on my glowing vampire fangs,
my doghouse door bell rang.
It was Snowy and Crystal.
They are a brother and sister maltese.
Snowy was wearing a pirate outfit and Crystal was wearing a pink princess outfit.
Every Halloween we go trick or treating which gives a big smile.
But this time they looked kind of freaked out.
"What's wrong guys."I asked.
"Well Sunny we heard terrible noises in are doghouse."Said Crystal.
"Like what."I asked.
"Come and see."Said Snowy.
When we went inside thier house it was different.
Cobwebs were on the celling.
Bugs were everywhere.
Then we heard it.
"There!"Yelled Crystal.
It seemed to be coming from Snowy's room.
I was getting dressed till I heard it.Said Snowy.
Being a brave malti poo I checked it out.
"I see it!"Screamed Crystal.
I saw something alright.
Under The Bed!
It was white and a little see through.
"It's a ghost!"I shouted.
It popped right out and chased us out of the house.
But wait.
Do ghost have fury tails?
Do ghost have little paws?
I yanked at the ghost a little.
Under it was Prince!
"Good trick huh?"Said Prince.
"Awsome!"Said Snowy.
"Wait next year."
"Why?"We all said.
"You'll see!"
"Uh oh!

Hoope you liked it!
Malti poo paws

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