Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Funny Video

Hi Everyone! This is a little video that I uploaded here!

Maltipoo Paws

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Memories

Hello Furs! Sorry I haven't posted in a million years. Mommy has been busy with homework. But at least I sneaked on her computer. OK this is me when I was maybe 5 months or so? But I am snuggling with America's favorite cartoon. SPONGE BOB! At Mommy's school people say there married to him. Firstly I don't get it because he's on the TV! And there in the real world? So they need to get a life!!!!!

OK, this is me before I was taken home with Mommy. I was on the Internet fur sell. This is the picture they used. They used me as an advertisement. I am so famous! (In your face Petal!!!! OK fur those of you who don't know Petal, she is my older sister. She thinks she is so awesome like if a piece of dirt falls on her paws she'll squeak. In doggy world that's her real name. My real name is Sunny. Good thing Mommy did that, she was close to naming me Zoey. Do I look like a Zoey???)

This is my Mommy. Her name is Diamond. She is so fun. I miss her alot :(
But I do like my new Mommy. My Mommy(Diamond) is from India. That's why she wears a brett there. I like it.

This is me and my older sister. Guess which fur am I? If you guessed the one that's looking away from the camera that's me! See I told you I don't like the camera. I said it like in every post. See, I was born with it. Petal wants to be a star so she actually looks at the camera. I told her that no matter how many times you look at the camera you will have no cute boy dogs liking you. Petal made a weird face at me and she told our mommy.

Malti Poo Paws

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Friend Or Two

Hello Furends! Mommy went to a friends house a couple of days ago. They had two adorable Yorkiepoos. That means they are part Yorkie and part Poodle. Mommy just had to take pictures of them. This little white Yorkiepoo is named Chloe. She was just so cute. (Mommy!!! You know that it looks almost just like me!!! Except for the ears and the tail!)

Mommy also thought the black Yorkiepoo was very cute also. This one was named Cocoa. They call him also Cocoapuff. Hmm...then I must be Sunnypuff. Weird. Sunnypuff sounds like I am baking popcorn. I wonder how popcorn taste. Oh and back to Cocoa. He is so soft. And adorable!!!

Mommy was interested about how each of the dogs wear shock collars. Mommy told me that they save dogs life. But they shock you! And around the neck! Mommy says if I wore one I would get used to it. She also said Shcok Collars just give you a small shock. Like a little pinch. Uhh...Really??? Something that big gives you a puny shock??? Weird. Some people think that shock collars are harsh or mean. But they aren't.

Maltipoo Paws