Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Very Bad Movie (Made by my Mommy!)

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Hello everyfur! AGHH!!!! Mommy had to make this video of me! Why! Why! Why!
She is so bad for doing it! All though it is ok. I think. What do you think of it? Mommy made more and if you want to know you can see them if you want to! Just tell me. She made one of me in a rhythmetics with one of my furends that lives here in Florida. His name is Rex. Here is his blog. rexspaw.blogspot.com. And theres a video of me in a diving contest. And me singing High School Musical with my boyfurend(Whoops!)
Just let me know guys!

Maltipoo Paws

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Late Barkday To Me

Hello everyfur! Sorry I haven't posted in another million years. Mommy needed to catch up with some work. But during June To August we will post a lot because Mommy's not in school. So a while ago, it was my furst barkday EVER! It was so fun. I never knew barkdays were so fun. Ok furstly thats not chocolate in my bowl. It is canned dog food called Mighty Dog. It comes bagged or canned. Mommy doesn't let me have it a lot because it hurts my stomach really bad. so only fur special occasions because I love this stuff!

Well my barkday is April 14, 2008. This picture is when Mommy put a candle in my food and lit it. Mommy singed Happy Barkday to ME!!!

After Mommy was done singing, it was time to eat! Yummy! I love all this food. Mommy thinks it is so funny because I finish everything I like in less than 30 seconds. Well I scored a new record. I finished in 15 seconds.

I had to make sure I licked every part of the bowl in case of some left over drops of my favorite food in the world. After I was done with it all I sniffed around every bit of the bowl. What a great Barkday!

Maltipoo Paws