Sunday, July 26, 2009

A New Look

Hello Furends! On my last post I told you that was getting groomed right? So here is my new look. It doesn't really bug me I mean they were a lot nicer to me. And usually they put in a bow on your ears but this time they didn't! They put a bandanna around my neck in stead. MUCH BETTER!!!! Oh and there's only one thing that get me annoyed, cleaning out my tear stains! The lady groomer told Mommy there is a way to get rid of them. Using a product called "Angel Eyes". Mommy bought it and now I take pills for it!

Mommy thought this picture was adorable. I can't go against her, I think I am adorable!

I wasn't looking strait at the camera so Mommy kind of turned it.

See this is how they cut my tail. I know this picture looks like Mommy wanted to take a picture of my behind. But no this is a picture of my tail!

The groomers also shaved my legs. Now I'm very cold without them. Couldn't they shave everything but my ears, legs, and tail? Well then I would look like a weirdo right?

Maltipoo Paws

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Getting Groomed

Hello everyone! I'm getting groomed right now at Petsmart. I will be coming out of there in an hour or so. Then I'll show what they did to warm and beautiful coat! Oh plus your probraly wondering how did I get on the computer at the groomers, well I bit my cage lock and found their computer. Aren't I a genius? Until they caught me and put me back in a different cage. Well either way...
Evil Groomer: Alright Sunny, you're going to have a big bubble bath!

Sunny: Hey Lady! Who gives you the right to tell me I need a bath? Well Not You! Im a wear old and seven in dog years!

Evil Groomer: Stop barking crazy Sunny now into the tub we go!

Sunny: Nooo!!! Hey Lady! You know my Mommy is a good lawyer and she will sue you want's she finds out what you did to me! Oh and by the way, why do you think I keep barking? Hey AGGHHH!!!!


Maltipoo Paws

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Amazing Drawing!

Hello everyfur! Guess what I got from my good furends Snowy and Crystal? A drawing of me! Mommy fell in love with it. Here is the picture that is suppose to look like it.

Don't we look alike? Tell me what you guys think of the drawing. Oh and who drew it was Snowy and Crystal's Mommy, Katkoota.

Maltipoo Paws

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where Are My Treats?

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I just love my treats! At first when Mommy got me, she thought I might like "Milk Bones" but I was a little puppy and my teeth weren't strong enough to break through the hard coating. So that's why Mommy bought me a different treat! They are called "Beacon Strips"! I just love those things! There soft and have a smokey flavor to them. Plus they have on bag that the flavor is bacon AND CHEESE!

Sunny: Mommy started trying to train me to lie down but I wouldn't do it. So she tried practicing more with me to sit. I already knew how to. but at least it was easy to get treats. Yummy! I was sniffing around searching for any little treat bits on the couch.

Hey Mommy! Your wasting my TREATS! I wanted to save those forever! It's miserable when you run out! Stop wasting them!

Mommy stop taking photos of me! I'm really tired. I just want to sleep a little. Your just allowed to leave one treat with me to sleep with. I won't eat it! I promise!

Hey Mommy! Where are you going? Your going to get treats for me right? Are You? ARE YOU?

Actually the photos with my mouth open is me eating my treats. Well it looked like barking to me when I saw the photos.

Say Mommy, Do you have any more treats? :)

Maltipoo Paws

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mad At The Camera

Hello My Furends! A couple days ago, Mommy tried getting pictures of me. I hate that! I started to bark and just stare at her. Mommy tried to get good photos because she doesn't like blurry photos because she said I'm so cute. Yeah well too bad because I ran a lot around her room. That's why she only got three photos.

Stop taking pictures of me Mommy!!! I started barking at her and she still didn't get what I was saying. But here was what I told her.

Well before Mommy was going to take photos of me. She found me in her room chewing on her tasty purple comb. Hey I couldn't help it that it has good tasty hair spray on it! So Mommy came and took it from me. Then I got mad and started barking. When she was going to put it away it slipped from her hands and I snatched it. That explains this picture.

Maltipoo Paws