Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleepy Time!

Hello Fur Friends! Ok I just wanted to have a nice nap in the small blue pillow in my house. It was so warm in there. And Mommy come's along and thinks i'm so cute in a pillow. She wouldn't be cute in a pillow. So why am I? I just really don't get it.

I had an itch on my ear. Not saying I have fleas though. So when I scratched my ear I didn't feel my nails. Then I saw the blue blanket was keeping me back. That blanket is so evil(Note: Anything that annoys Sunny is evil)

If mommy kept taking pictures of me, I am going to get out of my bed. See mommy! You didn't get me in the picture! I should do that more often! Mommy, you didn't here what I said last.

Mommy! I am bitting your hand! And I also made the picture blurry! If this picture was in a contest for what is this image, it would so win. At first when I saw it I thought what is this picture? But now I know.

But since I woke up, I need to stretch. I stretched out my claws on Mommy. And I arch my back. Mommy thinks that, thatis very cute also. What's with the cutness? Every day're the cutest puppy ever.

But I might just chew on your hand a little longer. It is so fun!

Malti Poo Paws

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Trip To North Carolina

Hello Fur Friends!
While My Mommy Was Visiting North Carolina,
She Had To Travel Through Georgia.
Here Is A Picture Of Georgia.

When My Mommy Reached The Hotel She Loved It.
This Is The Breakfast Room.
The Style Was Very Modern.
My Mommy Was In The Georgia Hotel For Now.

My Mommy Stayed At The Hotel For One Day.
Then It Was Off To North Carolina.
This Is One Of The Road's To North Carolina.

This Is The Entrance Of The Georgia Hotel.
The Hotel Name Is Marriott.
It Was A Very Nice Hotel.
They Make Breakfast For You.
How Come I Don't Have An Automatic Breakfast Mommy???

This Is A Bigger View Of The Hotel.
Mommy Got The Top Floor.
When She Was Unloading It Was At Least Thirty Degrees.
She Could Almost See Her Breath.

When My Mommy Reached North Carolina,
This Is The View From The North Carolina Hotel.
They Have A Lot Of Mountains.
She Learned How To Ski At The Apalachian Mountain.
The Snow Was Like Sugar.

Mommy Brought In Water Bottles.
They Were Completly Ice.
She Had To Turn On The Fire Place.
To Melt Them Down.
Well I Guess They Can Freeze At Negative Fourteen Degrees At Night.
But That's Just To Cold For Me.

Malti Poo Paws

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Funny Sunny Picture

Hello Everyone!
My Mommy Was Online And Then She Started Thinking.
And She Made This Picture Of Me.
I Didn't Understand What It Was Suppose To Be.
But She Said It Was Me.
And Of Course Me Doing What?
She Said I Was Eating Chilli And It Was So Hot It Exploded Out Of My Ears.
And She Wanted Me To Say This.
So Really I Have No Idea Why She Did That.

Malti Poo Paws

A Trip To North Carolina

Hello Everyone!
MY Mommy Is Going With Her Family To North Carolina.
She Didn't Take These Pictures.
But When She Gets To North Carolina She Will.
My Mommy Heard That One Of Her Friends Is Going To North Carolina Too.
My Mommy Goes To North Carolina On Thursday.
She Is Going To A Fun Tubing And Skiing Place Called Sugar Mountain.
She Has Ski Goggles.
But Guess Who's Not Going.

I Just Don't Get Why I Can't Go In A Hotel.
I Can Go To The Vet.
But My Mommy Is Gone For Six Days.
So I get To Stay At Her Friends House.
They Have A Bigger Dog Then Me And He Is Scared Of Me.
Mommy Likes North Carolina For Their Beautiful Mountains.

So Really I Can't Go To Hotels I Guess.
But I Need Pampering.
Last Time Mommy Was On The Top Floor.
It Had A Heart Shaped Bath Tub, Flat Screen TV, A Fire Place And A Mini Refrigerator.
A Mini Refrigerator!
I Could Probably Open That.

Malti Poo Paws

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dress Up!

Hello Fur Friends!
My Dogster Friend Max The Maltese Made Me Special Outfits.
He Is Very Nice Doggy.
He Made me This Picture With A Software.
I Am In The Beautiful Blue Dress.
I Don't Like It, I LOVE IT!

And This Dress Is One Of Favorite's.
It Is The Aqua Blue Dress.
I Like The Way It Shines!
It Is A Very Beautiful Dress.
To Me, It Looks Like I Could Blend In With The Ocean.
That Would Be Fun!

And This Is A Very Pink Dress.
It Looks Like One of Those Mexican Dresses.
It Is Fun To See It Puff Out Like That!

Malti Poo Paws

Friday, January 2, 2009

Firework Time!

Hi Fur Friends!
My Mommy Said That I Would Have To Stay Inside To Watch The Fireworks.
It Would Be Loud.
It Would Make A High Pitch Screaming Sound That All Sunny's Dislike.
I Didn't Really Get The "All Sunny's Dislike Thing".

Hey Crystal!
This Firework Is Named After You!
If You Have Good Eye's,
You'll See The Word "Crystal Fountain".
You Should Like That Crystal!

Pretty Fireworks.
This Was One Of My Favorite Fire Works.
It Was Popping Very Loudly.
It Sounded Like Dog Bones Falling From The Sky.

Malti Poo Paws