Saturday, October 31, 2009

A bath for Howl-o-ween!

Hi everyone! Mommy gave me a bath. Not much because of Howloween but she said I stink and I had a little dirt on my face. When ever Mommy puts me in the tub and goes to get something, I try to get out because I don't know where she is going. But I get so crazy after a bath. Here is a video well more like at the beginning of the post about me after a bath. This video explains how crazy I go after a bath. Guess what is now bad. I GET SHOTS TOMMORROW! I am not looking forward to that!

Maltipoo Paws Sunny

P.S. I am working on that Doggy project from last post

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi doggies and kitties! I'm going to start something new called Dog Breed of The Week or Friend. It will be on my side bar. There will be a dog that will be chosen randomly and it will have a picture of the breed and info. If I know a dog who is that breed I will make a link to your page! Do you like the idea? Which one do you want?

Maltipoo Paws

P.S. I wanted to get more friends first but Dog of The Week shows a spotlight on a dog breed and if your that breed I will make a link to your page and talk about you!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I Got Shots Yesterday :(

Hey guys! Well just like my title says, I got shots yesterday and I will tell you the whole story! Usually, I like going on car rides because Mommy let's me stick my head out of her window and I have a blast doing that. Then Mommy and me came to a plaza. I got nervous it was my groomers (remember last post?) because I saw doggies there walking outside the store. But it wasn't the same place. It was PETCO!!!! That's where I get my shots, I used to go there for my hair cut but they made me sit in a cage for SIX HOURS STRAIT WITHOUT GOING OUTSIDE AND GETTING FOOD!!!! Firstly because one of the employees who worked on the dogs hair got sick and went home so only one groomer was there and they only do ONE DOG AT TIME! I was so sad. Plus they made my nail bleed. That was rude even thought it was an accident. Mommy didn't like that.

Well, they gave me a rabies shot which stings me but I was brave and didn't cry. Also they had this medicine to keep me from getting colds and other common sicknesses but guess where they put it. No, not that weird spot they but that slimy, gooey medicine through my nose! I didn't like it because they grabbed my mouth and forced to shut.

When we got home I was mad at Mommy because I had a rough morning. I started choking and I didn't feel good. So I chased and barked at Mommy.

Well, gotta go. I'm getting tired and I want to rest. See you guys at my next post!

Maltipoo Paws

P.S. Hey Kyrah! Thanks for telling people about my blog!