Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Terrible Vet

Hi everyone today I would llike to tell you about the most horrible thing EVER!
The Vet!
Well today wasn't that bad.
But when I got my rabies shot.
Talk about pain!
I was crying very loud.
Almost probaly the whole store heard me.
They gave me two shots today.
When they put me on the table I was going nuts!
It sounded if I was going ice skating.
Well in line I always get put my the weird dogs!
In front of me was a big black dog.
You might not think it was bad but it was!
He/she had no manners.
She just wee weed on the floor.
The dog behind was freaked out chihuahua.
She was barking and growling at me for no reason.
My mommy WAS going to record the whole thing but she forgot. :(
Malti poo paws


Snowy and Crystal said...

we donr like the vet too, sunny

Malts' Paws,


Mrs. Mom said...

I hate going to the vet! I think it's the most horrible thing ever! Princess Tiger Lily howls and howls there!