Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Trip To North Carolina

Hello Fur Friends!
While My Mommy Was Visiting North Carolina,
She Had To Travel Through Georgia.
Here Is A Picture Of Georgia.

When My Mommy Reached The Hotel She Loved It.
This Is The Breakfast Room.
The Style Was Very Modern.
My Mommy Was In The Georgia Hotel For Now.

My Mommy Stayed At The Hotel For One Day.
Then It Was Off To North Carolina.
This Is One Of The Road's To North Carolina.

This Is The Entrance Of The Georgia Hotel.
The Hotel Name Is Marriott.
It Was A Very Nice Hotel.
They Make Breakfast For You.
How Come I Don't Have An Automatic Breakfast Mommy???

This Is A Bigger View Of The Hotel.
Mommy Got The Top Floor.
When She Was Unloading It Was At Least Thirty Degrees.
She Could Almost See Her Breath.

When My Mommy Reached North Carolina,
This Is The View From The North Carolina Hotel.
They Have A Lot Of Mountains.
She Learned How To Ski At The Apalachian Mountain.
The Snow Was Like Sugar.

Mommy Brought In Water Bottles.
They Were Completly Ice.
She Had To Turn On The Fire Place.
To Melt Them Down.
Well I Guess They Can Freeze At Negative Fourteen Degrees At Night.
But That's Just To Cold For Me.

Malti Poo Paws


Kelli said...

Hi Sunny!
It looks like your mom had a great trip! I think those are ice bottles not water bottles, BOL!
:) Tibby

Tillybaby said...

looks like THAT was a fun trip...and thx for the tip on how to get the pic for my blog!!!

Mason Dixie said...

Hello Sunny, I am Mason Dixie, nice to meet you. Looked like a good trip. Stop on by some time. =)