Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sarasota Trip

Hey everyfur! My family got back from the trip yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't post everyday. We did some thing with our family everyday so yeah. The ride was kind of boring. I was kind of scared because I thought I was going to the groomers or Petco. I sat on my favorite pillow the whole way. It took 2 hours. Oh and some of my pictures won't load. If they work I will try to add them.


My Mommy and her family went to eat dinner at a restaurant called Bob's Train. The owner found real trains and put them together to make a restaurant.

There were 4 train cars. The first was storage but they were going to make it into something else. The third was an office and it had pictures of people from the circus and famous people from the past. The fourth car was a restaurant to. It had pictures of famous people. It was really hot because someboday stole three air conditioners from the side of the train.


Well I gave Mommy the heart attack of a life time! Mommy's younger brother went outside to look at the hammock and I did to. Since I was in a new place I wanted to explore. Maybe I went a little to far. I actually ran into the middle of the street, into somebody's drive way, in someone's backyard, in the road again, and to someone's mailbox. Mommy was chasing me the whole time. My paws were all went and dirty so Mommy wiped them off.

The pictures won't upload here and I will try to do it in the next post. It was a very fun trip!

Maltipoo Paws


Amy & the house of cats said...

Hi Sunny! Wow, what a trip! That train restaurant sounds cool - well, except for the part about it being hot! Our mom told us that there used to be a restaurant here that was on a train - it was her favorite as a little girl! And it is good you got to do a little exploring - we understand because it is important to check out new places!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Wow what fun. Sorry you were stressed thinking you were going to Petco groomers.BOL, poor baby. We like the pictures so far. Can't wait to see more
Benny & Lily

Miley said...

Hi Sunny, I just found your blog, and love it.

I also have a doggie-bloggie, come and see at -

See you around!
Love Miley xxx

P.S. I'm just about to follow your blog and put your link on my top blog lists! :D